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Birch Contemporary, Toronto

Cathy Daley’s new large-scale paintings and drawings on canvas and vellum are bold, ephemeral, gestural, atmospheric works emphasizing through tonality and line the possibilities of fluidity, movement and abstraction. Whether balanced or asymmetrical between their marking and surrounding white space, the motion of water, billowing of skirts, and possibilities of windswept hair the work elaborates the possibilities of visual reflection at the intersection of chance, dream, open-ended reading and experiments with iconic form.

Edward Cella Art + Architecture,
Los Angeles

"The black oil pastel drawings on vellum of billowing dresses and graphic silhouettes are luxurious, gestural, and – quite simply – beautiful. Graphic and yet lyrical, the artist’s imagery draws from a shared cultural repertoire, and explores the kinesics of the dress as a looming presence in our shared imaginary."
Marieke Treilhard, Los Angeles, 2013

Robert Kidd Gallery, Birmingham

Billowing skirts and charged giddy distillations of dancing legs envelop the viewer like swirling cloud- ruffled weather fronts. These celebratory drawings are gestural and performative, evoking memory and culture.

Newzones, Calgary

Daley’s iconic large format drawings are as unmistakable as they are beguiling; and as graphic, as they are intimate. Seemingly glamorous and impossibly haute-couture the work smartly demarcates the limits of our fantasies. The drawings extraordinary fluidity is their strength.